Using Newspapers to Promote your Self-Published Book

There are two diverse tactics for promoting your self-published book:

1) Paying for advertising
2) Acquiring free advertising through press

Well, a subset to that second option is this: create press for yourself.

How? By writing for the newspaper.

Newspapers are in constant need for fresh content on a daily or weekly basis. Most general interest articles can be written by anyone, anywhere, and you don’t even need to live in the area where the paper is distributed (although it certainly helps as you get your feet wet).

Writing freelance articles for newspapers is an effective way to get your book “out there” because your byline will always be included with your article, and your book will always be mentioned in your byline.

Many freelance writers concentrate solely on contributing to magazines or websites, but you will be missing out on thousands of great markets if you ignore newspapers.

How do you get started? You can easily find information about newspapers, including contact information and addresses, by going online to or

Have fun and keep writing.

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