Marketing your Self-published Book: The Law of the Shovel

If you want to dig a big hole, you’ve got to know where you’re digging and stay in one place.

I work with many writers who come to me with a manuscript and say, “Publish this! It’s going to be a bestseller!” I celebrate confidence and enthusiasm. Indispensable characteristics in successfully marketing your self-published book.

The reality is, publishing what we often consider to be a bestseller is akin to winning the Heisman or starring across from Meryl Streep. That it is a bestseller makes any book exception to the rule. Something of such unique and timely nature that it just might appeal to everyone. But everyone cannot digest everything. Ask yourself this: who is, and where are the readers that will enjoy, benefit from, and share my book?

Once you’ve answered that, start digging. Try to dig in too many places, you’ll likely barely scratch the surface.

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