Kelly Schuknecht: The Highlights Reel

As our longtime contributor Kelly Schuknecht moves on from Self Publishing Advisor to take on new challenges–and let’s face it, perfecting the art of coffee in one of America’s most scenic mountain landscapes doesn’t sound so bad, eh?–we wanted to revisit some of her best and most popular posts here. Here are three that really went down in the record books with us and our readers!

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Ah, yes–this was one for the record books! With 1,173 views (until today, presumably!) reached a large audience with its snazzy graphics and keen observations into consumer behavior. It was short and to the point, but that seems to be what readers have always wanted from us here. Concise, articulate expertise! And while it’s hard to believe that nothing much has changed since this post first went up in 2011, Amazon has stayed fairly regular in its setup and services. Kelly’s words still hold true!

This one wasn’t just for you, dear readers–this one was for us, too! Since many of us who work on Self-Publishing Advisor work in the industry in some capacity, we often need the information as much as you do. Learning from each other has been one of the greatest side-effects to working on the blog, and we will miss Kelly’s decades of insight! As an outgoing executive for a self-publishing company (Outskirts Press), she had seen both traditional and self-publishing industries from top to bottom, inside and out. She knew what she was talking about, and when she put together lists like this one, the top 5 customer service characteristics that denote quality in a publisher, we paid attention. And guess what? Fun story: we got better at our jobs. So yeah, 4,191 of you already appreciated Kelly’s words of wisdom and learned how to pick the right company out of a lineup of, what, hundreds now? There are a lot of self-publishing companies and a lot of choices to make. But I’m sure there are a few more of you who might be interested in what she has to say … we definitely still are, four years down the line, and we’re going to put on our “Active Listening” ears here in a moment and invite you to respond. What do you think of Kelly’s post? Any suggestions on what might be added, today, in 2017, if anything?

This little item isn’t going anywhere; it remains almost as popular today as when it first went online in 2011. With 3,486 views to date and a strong performance from its sequel, where Kelly updated her original post (see that additional little gem here), I think it’s safe to say we’re still asking this question today, in 2017. What exactly is the relationship between reader, reviewer, and author? What is the reviewer’s responsibility, and what is the author’s? Can we control how our books are received? Kelly took a bite out of this subject, and as the numbers show, you thought she might have something valuable to say. We happen to think she did, and we’re glad she had the chance to revisit and update the post before she moved on to greener pastures.


Don’t worry–there’s more! But that’s all the time we have for today. We’ll revisit some more of Kelly’s best and most popular posts as we move through September, awaiting the arrival of our newest contributor. See you back here in two weeks! Elizabeth will be back with her popular column, “In Your Corner,” next Wednesday in the meantime.

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