Welcome back to our new Tuesday segment, where we’ll be revisiting some of our most popular posts from the last few years.  What’s stayed the same?  And what’s changed?  We’ll be updating you on the facts, and taking a new (and hopefully refreshing) angle on a few timeless classics of Self Publishing Advisor.


[ Originally posted: December 21st, 2011 ]

The holidays are here and while you are probably busy with holiday parties, baking, family gatherings, etc., don’t forget about book marketing.  Here are a few things you can do this month to promote your book:

  1. Give copies of your book away as holiday gifts.
  2. Add a Kindle edition (or other ebook format).  Many people will be giving away ebook readers as holiday gifts.  Make sure your book is available in at least one e-bookstore for potential readers who will be browsing for books to read after they receive their gift.
  3. Enter your book in the ForeWord Book of the Year Award contest.  Deadline is January 15th, so submit it now before it’s too late.
  4. Start planning for 2012.  As you make your new year resolutions, consider your book marketing efforts and how you will increase or modify them in the new year.  Reflecting on what worked well over the last year and what didn’t will help you plan for a bigger and better 2012!
  5. Enjoy the season!  Take a break for a few days to enjoy your family and maybe even begin writing your next book.

DISCUSSION: How are you planning to promote YOUR book in December?

holiday marketing

It’s the time of year in which everything tastes like Pumpkin Spice and smells like peppermint … and along with all of the holiday buzz comes a slightly less pleasant sensation: the sinking feeling of knowing there’s just so much to do, and absolutely no time to do it in.  At such times, it’s important to have a few concrete and manageable places to start–and my five-item list from 2011 remains (amazingly) a great checklist.  It’s not every day that I can slip and slide back five years and find a post that ages as well as the one above, but there you go–holidays are magic, right?

Still, a couple of notes: the ForeWord IndieFab Book Awards, mentioned above, remains a wonderful resource for writers looking to get their titles out there.  There is now an early bird discount if you submit before September 1, but … well, it’s now December so that’s a thought to keep in mind for next year.  The final deadline (sans early bird discount) is still January 15th, and I fully believe you should bookmark that day in your calendar.

Also, you should check out my series from last year, “Christmas is Here Again: On Holidays and Happy Chaos” (see parts One, Two, and Three at the links)–a series which remains the most thorough holiday-related marketing advice that I’ve doled out to date.  And my last admonition?  It remains absolutely true today:

This holiday season, take time to breathe.  Return to those ways and means that rejuvinate you.  Cherish the stories you’ve written, and the stories you have left to write, and live.

I don’t know about you, but the holidays are as much a time of intense stress as they are a time of intense rejuvenation and joy.  Sometimes I need reminding–perhaps more than many–that it’s okay to take a step back in order to re-evaluate what’s working and what still needs some finesse. Join me in regrouping this winter! ♠


KellyABOUT KELLY SCHUKNECHT: Kelly Schuknecht is the Executive Vice President of Outskirts Press. In addition to her contributions to the Outskirts Press blog at blog.outskirtspress.com, Kelly and a group of talented marketing experts offer book marketing services, support, and products to not only published Outskirts Press authors, but to all authors and professionals who are interested in marketing their books and/or careers. Learn more about Kelly on her blog, kellyschuknecht.com.

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