Remember how we promised that we’d be filling your screens with new posts six days a week, back in August?  Well, we’re excited to announce that the final slot, our Thursday mornings, will be filled as of the 29th of October!  It’s been a long road, but when we promise something, we follow through.  And we did promise:
Thursday: “On the Home Front” (Elizabeth Speaks)
You will remember Jodee Thayer’s Monday morning posts for us in the past; this year, she passes the torch to Elizabeth, who will be taking on our Thursday morning slot with all the style and panache that a pillar of the industry brings to our little corner of the blogoverse!
You can look for Elizabeth’s debut, here, in this spot, in just three more days.  And we thank you again, dear readers, for your continued support.  Just by reading this blog, you affirm our belief that we’re in the absolute best line of work possible!

Warm wishes and regards,
the Self Publishing Advisor Team


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