Dear Readers,

Can you believe it’s already August?  We here at Self Publishing Advisor certainly can’t!  With the start of the new month comes a whole host of good memories, because guess what?  We started this blog exactly seven years ago, and have been blessed ever since with wonderful, engaged, and responsive readers like you!  We don’t acknowledge your contributions nearly so much as you deserve, but we wanted to take a moment out of our day today to say: THANK YOU!  From the bottoms of our hearts, thank you for seven years of excellence.

Happy 7th Anniversary to Us!

Seven years is a long time to be doing what we do!  And there’s nothing like an anniversary for providing the energy and momentum to make some tweaks and changes to our lineup to better reflect the rapidly changing world we live in––the world of self-publishing!  So, moving forward, here’s what you can expect to see each week:

Monday: “News From the Self-Publishing World”
You’ve seen our “Self Publishing Week in Review” posts in the past; but it’s time we get ahead of the trends, rather than simply reporting on them.  We’ll be bumping our news segment to Mondays and launching you into the week with some carefully curated thoughts on the current headlines in our industry.
Tuesday: “From the Archives” + “From the Experts”
Every Tuesday, we’re going to take a little retrospective trip down memory lane by revisiting some of our most popular posts from years past; you can imagine that in seven years, a lot has changed!  We’ll be updating you on these changes, and hopefully throwing some light on what lies ahead.  We will also be dedicating this spot to the occasional guest blog.  Who better to tell us what’s what than an industry professional or a successful indie or self-published author?  We hope to represent a wider slice of the whole pie by providing a platform for indie authors from all sorts of backgrounds.
Wednesday: “Marketing for the Indie or Self-Published Writer” (Kelly Speaks)
You’ve tuned in each Wednesday in years past to hear what Kelly Schuknecht, Executive Vice President for the hybrid self-publishing company Outskirts Press, has to say––and you can trust to see her here each Wednesday for years to come.  This weekly post will continue to focus on the various ways and means and arts of self-promotion.
Thursday: “On the Home Front” (Elizabeth Speaks)
You will remember Jodee Thayer’s Monday morning posts for us in the past; this year, she passes the torch to Elizabeth, who will be taking on our Thursday morning slot with all the style and panache that a pillar of the industry brings to our little corner of the blogoverse!
Friday: “Conversations With a Self-Published Writer” (Royalene Speaks)
As with our Wednesday posts, our Fridays will remain, as ever, dedicated to the bloggers who have made Self Publishing Advisor better and better for the last seven years!  Royalene will continue to bring you insights from her years’ of experience in the industry––best practices, encouragement, and tips for continual self-improvement.
Saturday: “Self-Published Book Review of the Week”
Because we think you deserve more, you’ll be getting more!  We’re moving our weekly self-published book review to Saturday mornings, and we’ll be providing you even more content as we improve upon our existing model!
Thank you again, dear readers, for your continual support.  Just by reading this blog, you affirm our belief that we’re in the absolute best line of work possible!
Warm wishes and regards,
the Self Publishing Advisor Team

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