Self-Publishing Advantages Out on the Table

This posts and blog exists to help you make the best informed choices for the future of their books. Whether you’re still in the conceptualization phase or searching for a publisher, these are tips, each worthy of careful consideration.

For example, take a moment and write out your personal publishing goals…

For many authors, these 7 are the most important:

1) Keeping 100% of your rights and creative control to your book
2) Keeping 100% of your author royalties
3) Unlimited wholesale and retail availability
4) Additional marketing support and services
5) Publishing imprint and ISBN flexibility
6) High-quality book design
7) Complete print-run flexibility (1 to 1000s)

What would you add to this list?

– K

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2 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Advantages Out on the Table

  1. Some time in the next year the Lord might be having me write a book which is very new to me, and I’d like to keep you on file to refer back to when it’s time,

    prophetess marsha

    1. I’m happy to hear you’re finding the information valuable and happy to keep sending it your direction. In the meantime, keep the pen to the paper.

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