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I know, ugh, right? But we have so much in store for you over the coming months and we want to get it right right. So we’re taking a moment to pause and regather our thoughts, to brainstorm new subjects and new ideas to bring to you here on the Self Publishing Advisor blog–from all of our contributors, yes, but especially from our Wednesday time slots. As we’ve mentioned in the past, we’ll be introducing a new contributor in the coming weeks, and we’ll also be tweaking what we have already been doing a little bit as well.

First stop: the survey! We’ll be asking you some questions next week in the form of a brief (5 minutes or fewer) survey as to what content you’ve enjoyed and found useful here on the blog. It will stay open past that week, but we will start using its results to craft our content right away.

Second stop: the changes await! Check back next week as we begin our next stage of evolution! Oh, I know, we’re not Neopets or Chia plants or Pokemon, but we’re still pretty cool. And we want to provide absolutely top-notch material for our self-publishing authors to work with!

Ready your fingers and minds!


Thanks for reading!  Keep up with the latest in the world of indie and self-published books by watching this space!

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News From the Editorial Desk: There’s a Lot to Look Forward to This Fall!

We here at Self-Publishing Advisor want to keep you in the loop about some exciting developments taking place over the coming weeks.  First off, Royalene will be back in September with her Friday Conversations column (you can bet we all miss her, but that she has earned herself this little break).  Secondly, we’re going to be featuring some guests on Tuesdays, intermingled with our archival posts.  The first guest to grace us with his outstanding presence is going to be Brent Sampson, President of Outskirts Press and author of a number of books, including The Book Marketing Coach, Sell Your Book on Amazonand Self-Publishing Simplified.  You can imagine he’s a fantastic advocate for self-publishing authors everywhere, and we’re excited to have a chance to feature some of his advice here on Self-Publishing Advisor.

We’ll have more updates in the weeks to come.  Watch this spot!

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Website Glitch Addressed : 4.1.2016

Dear Readers,

There was a glitch with the schedule this morning, and those of you who subscribe to the blog will notice that you got a little early “preview” of tomorrow’s book review–only for the actual post to disappear.  Well, I have only good news for you: the universe has re-aligned, the book review will reappear as if by magic at its designated time tomorrow, and we have every hope that the technology we love so much will continue to behave.

so full of questions

Thanks for all for your patience, and thank you for reading!  Keep up with the latest in the world of indie and self-published books by watching this space every day.

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Self Publishing Advisor: New Name – Same GREAT Advice!

Some of you may have already noticed that Self Publishing Advice has now become Self Publishing Advisor! We have matured quite a bit since we first started, and our new name more appropriately defines the role we intend to play. We want to be your advisor in everything related to the self-publishing industry.

Our domain has changed as well — you can now find us more easily by visiting http://www.selfpublishingadvisor.com. Don’t worry — if you forget to update your bookmarks, the old domain will still bring you to the site.

You’ll continue to find all of the self-publishing advice you’ve always expected in addition to the following:

  • Regular posts from recognized industry experts
  • More consistent content delivery
  • Expert interviews on the weekly podcast
  • Regular book marketing clinics
  • Self-publishing book review posted each week
  • Newsletters and eBooks to help authors

Also look for contests, promotion opportunities, and more! Stay tuned to the blog to find out more!

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