Our First Survey Results!

thank you for your feedback survey results

Every now and again, we are reminded of just how wonderful and amazing our readers are, and the last few weeks have definitely been packed with such reminders–in part thanks to your, yes, wonderful feedback via our online survey! We asked, you answered, and now it’s time for us to listen.

So, what can you look for in the coming weeks?

√ First off, you’ll be seeing more focused content.

Several of our reviewers pointed out (very nicely, as a matter of fact) that they preferred articles which focused specifically on self-publishing, and dealt less with irrelevant subjects to the self-publishing experience. We’re going to work very hard in the weeks to come to produce only the finest, most useful material possible, to better enable you to tackle the self-publishing experience yourself.

√ Secondly, you’ll be seeing changes to the ‘news’

That’s right, you voted, and it’s official: our most popular sections, by far, are our Wednesday “In Your Corner” posts and Royalene’s Friday “Conversations” posts. They’re going nowhere. But Mondays? Mondays could use some work. We’re going to brainstorm some ways to make the news more, yes, useful. So hang tight for a couple of weeks as we work our way down the list of possibilities, and you’ll see some updates happening soon.

√ Thirdly, we’re going to update our book reviews

Someone very kindly suggested–and we loved this idea–that we feature some award winners among our book reviews, and we intend to do so! We have a long and storied history with the CIPA EVVY Awards, but if you have any additional suggestions drop us a line in the comments box or go ahead and fill out the survey again.

√ Lastly, some other ideas we loved:

One reviewer suggested we pen some pieces on “where to advertise your book to get the most ‘bang for your buck,’ and we’re going to take this to heart both as we put together our “News” each week (if we spot anything new) and as Elizabeth works on her lineup for her “In Your Corner” posts (for tried and true strategies). Another survey respondent wrote in that we might center some work around the theme “Dig Into Marketing” … and we love that idea, too! In fact, there’s a whole world of possibilities there for us to explore, between these two ideas. They might just have achieved a perfect synthesis!

More soon!

Thank you to all of our readers who have already sent in your responses! If you have ideas which you did not see here, or would like to add additional suggestions, please go ahead and fill out the survey here! We’re only ever going to continue to update our wishlist for places to go and pieces to write, and your feedback really shapes where we go and how we get there. Thanks again!


Thanks for reading!  Keep up with the latest in the world of indie and self-published books by watching this space!

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