News From the Editorial Desk: There’s a Lot to Look Forward to This Fall!

We here at Self-Publishing Advisor want to keep you in the loop about some exciting developments taking place over the coming weeks.  First off, Royalene will be back in September with her Friday Conversations column (you can bet we all miss her, but that she has earned herself this little break).  Secondly, we’re going to be featuring some guests on Tuesdays, intermingled with our archival posts.  The first guest to grace us with his outstanding presence is going to be Brent Sampson, President of Outskirts Press and author of a number of books, including The Book Marketing Coach, Sell Your Book on Amazonand Self-Publishing Simplified.  You can imagine he’s a fantastic advocate for self-publishing authors everywhere, and we’re excited to have a chance to feature some of his advice here on Self-Publishing Advisor.

We’ll have more updates in the weeks to come.  Watch this spot!

Warm wishes and regards,
the Self Publishing Advisor Team


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