Self-Published Book Review: “Lexicon: American Style 2”

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lexicon 2 american style patrick ragains

2016 reader views reviewers choice award

Lexicon: American Style 2

by Patrick Ragains

ISBN: 9781478701170



Entertaining as well as educational, Patrick Ragains’ Lexicon: American Style 2 is a comprehensive eighty-one chapters. Each one discusses a unique element of American English and American lifestyles and his introduction pays tribute to America’s greatest lexicographer Noah Webster, Jr. Through Ragains sharp, often humorous, breakdown of words, names, and phrases, he encourages others to be able to communicate more effectively. By separating each segment of American English for thorough examination, Ragains hopes to help readers better understand and articulate their common language.

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It has been proven that one of the most effective ways to learn and retain information is to do so while being entertained. Thus, the goal of this book…to improve the reader’s grasp and usage of the English language while evoking smiles, smirks, even raised and furrowed brows. It is quite simply a fun, informative read.

Let’s call this written exercise a ‘Flexicon’…a flexing of our American English lexicon. Lexicon: American Style II is a further examination and celebration of our Americanized version of the Kings English. The first half of the book is a breakdown of how we commonly use our words, phrases and names to communicate in these United States.

In addition, Lexicon II is also a collection of humorous American lifestyle observations. The second half of the book labeled, ‘Observations From the Carpool Lane’ features a wide-ranging group of essays regarding the common, sometimes mystifying, experiences most of us share as modern day American citizens.


Want to learn better English vocabulary but find textbooks are boring? Then read Lexicon: American Style 2 because I promise you will not be disappointed! Lexicon: American Style 2 is a fascinating, intriguing, and hilarious reference guide that will have you learning as well as laughing at the same time! Patrick Ragains is a magnificent author because he has found a gap in the market and filled it with a brilliant book. What is the hole in the market? The gap in the market is a fun, hilarious learning guide that actually works!

Lexicon: American Style 2 is book two in Patrick Ragains reference series. I have not read the first book (yet!), so I would already write that you can read this book without reading the first. It is an incredible, fluid, informative guide that will inspire readers to learn and laugh at the same time. Lexicon: American Style 2 is a study of words in the English language. However, this is no ordinary reference guide because Patrick Ragains manages to explore these themes and words entertainingly by including them in brilliant, hilarious stories and sentences! Ragains explains in his description of his book that most people learn and retain information better, while they are having fun. This has clearly struck a chord with Ragains, and that is why he has written an entertaining, fun, learning story for all those that love to laugh while learning!

I really do admire Patrick Ragains for his flawless ability to write an exceptional learning book while incorporating many hilarious themes. This is incredibly hard to do because the author’s funny nature has to shine off the page and it is always dreadful when you read a book to find that the author is in fact not funny at all. However with Lexicon: American Style 2, you are guaranteed a funny guide because the author’s sense of humor and his hilarious sentences shine off the page and will make you laugh like crazy!

As I am obsessed with the English language and bettering my knowledge, I have no choice but to award Lexicon: American Style 2 a dazzling Five Stars! Not only is its story hilarious, but it is also unique and very informative. The reader will be able to retain a host of vocabulary from this book, and some of it is very advanced. This is incredibly useful for those who work in professional fields as well as students. It truly is the perfect fun, reference guide so please book lovers, read this phenomenal book!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much and love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please, comment below and let me know your thoughts on Lexicon: American Style 2; do you see yourself reading this book? Let me know all of those brilliant thoughts of yours below! Thank you so much again for reading!  

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“Lexicon American Style 2,” by Patrick Ragains is the second book in a series that covers the American way of communicating. A great deal can be learned about American culture in this text. This information doesn’t just cover America as a whole, but also the different subcategories that might be found in different states or regions.  The author literally covers topics from A to Z. I hate to use the word “literally,” because it is so over used, but the topics actually do range from A to Z and beyond! I found myself gaining an understanding of what words or phrases mean in parts of the country that are unfamiliar to me. Acronyms, idioms, metaphors, oxymorons, etc., they can all be found between these pages. There is also some great advice for creating an online dating account. While I am not in need of one of these accounts, at this time anyway, I found the advice presented to be quite informative.

Foreigners who plan on traveling to the United States will find “Lexicon American Style 2,” to be a great resource to use while traveling around. Perhaps a better understanding of our American terminology could help prevent an international crisis from occurring or escalating!  I am also considering giving this book out as Christmas gifts for my friends who have everything. They will really enjoy this one! I have an English as a Second Language instructor on my Christmas list. Perhaps, she will consider using Lexicon American Style 2, as a textbook for her class. It would also make a great bathroom reader for families who have low fiber diets and have to take time to sit around and read, whether they want to or not.

In all seriousness, I do believe that reading “Lexicon American Style 2,” by Patrick Ragains will improve our use of American English. I enjoyed gaining a lot of new information and also having a chance to check my own usage. The area that I found particularly helpful was in the discussion of redundancies. Hopefully, my writing skills will improve a bit. Having a chance to gain knowledge while laughing out loud is wonderful! Readers will find this information extremely interesting and highly entertaining.

– reviewed by Paige Lovitt on Reader Views

A word nerd’s dream that entertains as it educates. Ideal as a coffee table conversation starter or back bathroom reader. 81 independent, spirited chapters regarding the wonder of our English language and our unique American lifestyle. Dedicated to America’s premiere lexicographer and visionary patriot Noah Webster, Jr.

A continuation of Lexicon: American Style, author Ragains leaves no part of our American English unturned as he romps from Acronyms to Zombies (A to Z). Creative, clever, funny, at times bawdy and controversial, Lexicon: American Style 2 will challenge your perspective and expand your vocabulary arsenal.

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