Tuesday Book Review: “The Silver Moon”

Book reviews are a great way for self-publishing authors to gain exposure. After all, how can someone buy your book if he or she doesn’t know it exists? Paired with other elements of your book promotion strategy, requesting reviews is a great way to get people talking about what you’ve written.
When we read good reviews, we definitely like to share them. It gives the author a few (permanent) moments of fame and allows us to let the community know about a great book. Here’s this week’s book review:

the silver moon sadie wheaton charita padilla

The Silver Moon: Sadie Wheaton

by Charita Padilla

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 9781432798611


This book is about Sadie and her three friends, who are very interested to do magic of their own experience. But they are curious: how to do it? What would work or not? Sir Winterland knows that one of the girls does have a very special gift in her and also knows that her parents had been experimenting with the Witchcrafts durnig their lives. Sir Winterland decides to invite Sadie and her three friends to attend his school and to learn an exciting experiment that they never knew before. This story is about Magic, Excitement, Adventure and many sensational feelings. You may see it clearly.

 * courtesy of Amazon.com

Featured Review:

Sadie Wheaton and her three friends have always been close, but they’ve bonded even more strongly during their experiences together in Wizard School.

Now in their third year, young Sadie discovers that she has a rare gift … she can cast a very special spell.

Sadie’s talent is noticed by someone who does not have her best interests at heart … someone who wants to control Sadie and use her gifts for selfish gain.

The Silver Moon is a funny, suspenseful, enchanting story that will have you on the edge of your seat, and eagerly anticipating the next book in the series.

reviewed by Beth of Beth’s Book Reviews


Here’s what some other reviewers are saying:

I think it is very detailed. I love their expressions in the book and it is really funny and serious; at points my son actually likes it too cause they’re talking about wizard school and I think he thinks it reminds him of Wizards of Waverly Place in a way, so he has been wanting me to read it more and more and I am enjoying it so far, and I usually don’t read books but this one I must say is very funny and serious and is really well. I hope you guys enjoy it; I’m only on page 52 but I’m a mom taking care of a boy by myself, so, but he has been showing interest in the book and he’s only 6yrs . I hope you guys check it out and buy it I know I’m glad I did 🙂

– Amazon Reviewer Lins B

No one likes to be used, as tempting as it can often seem. “The Silver Moon” is a novel of fantasy, following third year wizard Sadie Wheaton as she finds that she has her own special magical talents, but there are those who want to use her for their own selfish purposes, and Sadie must confide in her friends to keep her will her own. “The Silver Moon” is a riveting read for young adult fantasy readers, much recommended.

– Buhl’s Bookshelf at the Midwest Book Review

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