Changes Are Coming to SPA!

Here at Self Publishing Advisor, we’re committed to providing the best possible fodder for your self-publishing journey—as often as we can, and of as high a quality as we can—but sometimes that means we have to introduce a few changes.

Due to some scheduling and workload shifts amidst our dedicated staff, we will be reducing the number of posts per week for the foreseeable future, or until such a time as our various employers are able to bring in more contributors.

Our lineup will be as follows:

Mondays: News from the Self-Publishing World

Tuesdays: Self-Published Book Reviews

Wednesdays: Kelly’s marketing-related posts & Elizabeth’s “In Your Corner” posts (alternating weeks)

Thursdays: Miscellany

Fridays: Royalene will continue to close out the work-week with her stellar “Conversations” posts.

These changes will go into effect as of today, July 24th.
We will update you when we are able to resume our full posting schedule!

Thanks for reading!  Keep up with the latest in the world of indie and self-published books by watching this space and by following us on Facebook and Twitter!

Self Publishing Advisor


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