Book reviews are a great way for self-publishing authors to gain exposure. After all, how can someone buy your book if he or she doesn’t know it exists? Paired with other elements of your book promotion strategy, requesting reviews is a great way to get people talking about what you’ve written.

When we read good reviews, we definitely like to share them. It gives the author a few (permanent) moments of fame and allows us to let the community know about a great book. Here’s this week’s book review, courtesy of Observations From a Simple Life:

Lonesome Cowboy by Frank Lowe

Lonesome Cowboy

by Frank Lowe

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 978-1478758563


A FAMOUS SINGER, TRUE LOVE, AND A DEADLY RISK … Tenacious and talented Kyle Kelly holds on to his dream of becoming a famous country-western singer and songwriter. He and his father, Cowboy Red, keep pushing through disappointments and small-time gigs until suddenly, they land the opening of Wonderland Park. Their Nashville careers skyrocket, and the future looks bright until Kyle meets and falls in love with Miranda, a waitress in a Mexican restaurant. Kyle is offered a lucrative movie contract, and he plans to marry Miranda and live happily ever after…until a tragic accident sends Miranda and her family back to Mexico. But Kyle knows what it means to pursue a dream, and he goes after her. He could never have imagined the dangerous and tangled web surrounding the love of his life-she’s not who she appears to be, and Kyle will find himself the target of merciless forces in Mexico who are determined to keep them apart. Kyle enlists all the help he can get, no matter how eccentric, to find and marry the woman he loves. Thrilling, heartfelt, and entertaining, Lonesome Cowboy is a story you’ll never forget!


The story opens with Red, a singing cowboy, getting ready to sing in a town he swore he’d never return to. He only returned because his son, Kyle, urged him too. But Red has seen a very painful life, a life that his son knew very little of. Kyle will soon learn the painful secret his father has been hiding. Once Red, whose real name is David, confronts his past, it opens a world of opportunity for his son. Kyle soon meets Miranda Romero-Durante, a beautiful Mexican woman who works at her family’s restaurant. After a sudden tragedy, the family is forced to return to Mexico, leaving Kyle behind to figure out a way for his future with Miranda. He is faced with a great challenge as he is not Mexican and Miranda’s family will look to her to carry on the family name with a Mexican man. Will Kyle be able to find a way to build a life with Miranda?

I enjoyed this book. I thought it would be about a struggling singer who finally makes it big but it was better than that. I loved a line which David speaks to Kyle, “Never only means not yet,” meaning don’t give up. I also loved the final confrontation with Miranda’s scheming aunt. It was a great “HA! In your face!” moment. I highly recommendLonesome Cowboy as a story of inspiration and following your dreams.

reviewed by Jennifer Lara at Observations From a Simple Life ]

Here’s what other reviewers are saying:

Lonesome Cowboy is a book I read in one sitting. It gives the reader a taste of what it’s like to believe in a love so strongly that you are willing to do anything… to give up everything to pursue it. It touches on the rough life of country singers trying to break into the business and how random success can be. It touches on family and the responsibilities that are passed on from generation to generation and the solid and ever changing bond between a father and his son. It highlights the differences between life in the United States and in Mexico as well as the similarities. The characters, both primary and secondary are well drawn and engaging and the hero Kyle and heroine Miranda inspire a sense of admiration as they quietly go about making a life with one another through one obstacle after another.

The story is fairly well written although there were a few errors in the text such as words missing from sentences and occasionally, especially in the beginning, the story drags just a bit. But overall this is a fast paced tale about a man who chased a dream, only to give it up for a love so deep that he was willing to change his language, his country, his way of life and even his name. The journey he takes while he creates this new life will keep you turning the pages. Four solid stars for Frank Lowe and Lone Cowboy.

– Amazon Reviewer terrylynn

The first word that comes to mind to describe this Drama is lovely…appealing to both men and women in sharing of deep love for both friends and loved ones. Although listed as a thriller–I would not consider it that, rather a family drama that has a number of fascinating characters, and two sets of cultural backgrounds that sets up a wall between two lovers. Can it be breached?

Kyle, the son of a country singer, becomes the primary character. He has admired and been best friends with his father since he was young and had quickly begun to learn guitar and sing with him. Then he had become their manager. Without knowing it, Kyle had scheduled them to play in Red’s home town! With that, it brought not only an unexpected welcome for Red’s return, but also many surprises for Kyle, one of which was that they had been using an alias name! Kyle was finding details out as old friends came to talk to Red and became more and more anxious about what had happened many years ago in this town…

Red had chosen not to sing Lonesome Cowboy for his own loss, but in having Kyle sing solo that first night, it started a following and subsequent movie career that may have fulfilled Kyle’s long-term goals, but certainly made him realize that things were moving too fast… But there wasn’t a choice now, for Red had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital, with the later recommendation that he give up working. Now Kyle was the only bread winner for the two of them…

Readers will like Kyle. While he’s comfortable as his father’s sidekick, he was not anxious to be on his own. Yet, because of his quiet, relaxed performances that complemented his beautiful voice and good looks, his following of fans grew and grew. When he was offered a film, he felt he had to accept to keep money coming in. But even then, his warmth and kindness, plus his ability to speak Spanish, soon made he and the director friends. With his help, they were able to salvage a movie that really had less than a great story.

In the meantime, with the acceptance of Red’s return, except by a few people who weren’t well liked by the community, Kyle was able to continue their gig and the two men decided to make their stay permanent…

Which led to meeting Miranda and her wealthy family from Mexico. Kyle fell in love with Miranda at first sight. Without going into details, however, a tragedy occurred which resulted in the family’s return to Mexico. He and Miranda kept in touch, but Miranda early had told Kyle that she would never be able to marry someone who was not Mexican… But Kyle was not willing to accept that decision…

The book has two sub-plots about love between men. This is the second book I’ve read with a similar theme where confusion has arisen, apparently because of the changes in homosexuality laws, that seems to have denigrated or sullied the potential of close friendships between men that has nothing to do with sex. How sad. Fortunately, the author has shown both the positive and negative sides so that readers realize that philia (friendship) love between men is quite natural and does not lead to eros interaction. Kudos to the author for spotlighting this important matter.

Lowe’s descriptive talent for the two primary settings, peopled with appropriate complementary characters moves this story forward in a gripping fashion to attract readers’ immediate attention. The intrigue of the hidden as well as the continued movement by Kyle into new challenges kept my interest piqued and anxious. I’m not a fan of the usual soap opera drama common to television, so I do want to point out that the book is definitely family friendly and will reveal deep loves, family loyalty and dedication. A heartbreaking as well as heartwarming story well worth your consideration.

– Amazon Reviewer Glenda

* = courtesy of the book’s Amazon book page.

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