5 Pinterest Marketing Tips for Self-Publishing Authors

When used appropriately, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be effective tools for book marketing.  The hottest social media trend right now is Pinterest! Like the other social media sites, it can help self publishing authors  facilitate communication with current and potential readers, generate sales, and increase awareness of their books.

This photo sharing site enables users to “pin” images and videos to virtual pinboards, or “Boards,” and share them with others.  Users can organize their pins based on their interests; a few popular examples are food, books, travel, and style. When other users see a pin they like, they can repin it onto one of their own Boards.  Think virtual word-of-mouth marketing!

The visual and social nature of Pinterest make it a perfect fit for book marketing.  Here are a few ways you can use the site to promote your self published book.

1.  Become active on Pinterest and begin networking with people who are pinning in your areas of interest.  People are more likely to want to support people that are active in the community versus people that are just pinning to promote a product or service. You can search on Pinterest for topics related to your interests and your book and start following Boards you find “Pinteresting.”
2.  Create your own Boards.  Keep in mind, Pinterest was created for people to share images and interests.  Your Boards need to be visually appealing, contain lots of images, and they should give potential readers some insights into your interests and why you wrote the book. If you have a poetry book, for example, you may choose to Pin graphics with quotes from your favorite poets, thus allowing you to begin connecting with other Pinners who also like poetry.
3.  Upload images related to your book.  These may include cover images, illustrations, locations that were featured in your book, and/or people that provided inspiration for your characters.
4.  Pin quotes from your book or short selections to entice people to learn more about your book, spread the word and purchase their own copy.
5.  Include links to your website, your publisher’s website or book retail sites so people know where they can purchase your book once you’ve got them “pinterested.”

Pinterest is gaining in popularity, so now is the time to get active, have fun and start promoting your self published book if you haven’t already.



2 thoughts on “5 Pinterest Marketing Tips for Self-Publishing Authors

  1. Thanks so much for writing this. I am nearly finished the first draft of my memoir and I am looking at ways to help promote my book on Pinterest. I like the tip of making some pins using quotes from your book – I think I have a few quotes in mind already.

    1. You’re so welcome, Constance! We’ll be getting to Pinterest in three weeks, so you’ll be able to weigh in. Keep us posted on how your pinning goes!

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