Self Published Book Review of the Week: One Lonely Mind

Review_CoverOne Lonely Mind

by Alis Rowe

Recent reviews for this self-published book:

Review 1: Excellent!

By Mr. J. Campbell (UK)

One Lonely Mind follows the turbulent exploits of Nazim, a desolate soul, as he attempts to find peace and closure after the passing of his mother.

Nazim, a sensitive, caring and thoughtful persona, is alone in a world of suffering and despair until he meets the love of his life: Angel (a character so deep and intriguing she warrants her own book).

Captivated and enthralled with Angel, Nazim will stop at nothing to provide for her and give her the lifestyle she desires. Nazim’s character undergoes considerable transformations as he attempts to win Angel’s heart.

I found One Lonely Mind to be a gripping read from start to finish. This book had me in awe over the depth of emotion and sensitivity explored by the author – for this reason alone, I would be happy to recommend this book to anyone.


Review 2: An amazing story!

By Mr. T. Nolan (UK)

One Lonely Mind is a fantastic journey concerning two lost souls who meet on a beach on a cold winter’s night with nothing but each other for company. This book engages the reader right from the word go and from the first word I read, I could not put this book down. The language the author has used is emotive and encapsulating with deep heartfelt meanings which the reader can interpret for themselves.

The book also explores the deep meanings that they feel towards eachother from the perspective of Nazim and his constant battles with his own feelings towards this girl he has met on the beach. Who goes from being a complete unknown and almost ghost like to the love of his life and the person he knows as if they had known each other all their lives.

Their situation is far from perfect, but Nazim does his best to make sure Angel has the life she deserves and to be treated like the princess he holds her as.

Will there be a fairytale ending? Or is life too complicated?

As a person who reads very few books and struggles to engage and relate to the subject matter, I found this book an absolute joy to read and have read it many times, each time finding different meanings and turmoils the pair face and will definitely be reading it once more and looking out for another addition to this one!

For more information or to order the book, visit the author’s webpage:

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