Self-publising top 10: Advantage 1

1 – Authors are required one-time only upfront investment…

Yes, quality self-publishing services will require a one-time upfront investment. While not as important as your book pricing structure, distribution, and royalties on the back-end. Upfront service prices deserve a quick look.

Here are a couple of red flags.

There are more than enough self-publishers offering HUGE savings. Always. That usually indicates that the savings aren’t real. Instead, packages and/or services are artificially inflated. This is true in any business across every industry. You’ve worked hard. You deserve what you pay for. I was born in Vegas. Ever been? Be wary of the bright, flashing lights.

2. GET PUBLISHED FOR FREE!!! (the opposite end of the spectrum)

Business 101. Nothing is free. It’s worth taking a look at the contract and asking, what am I really getting here. Not a good time to fall to instant gratification. You’ve worked hard and deserve a publisher that works for you in return. Again, make sure your get what you pay for. Well worth it is the time researching a publisher that will partner with you to publish your book as successfully as possible.

A quality self-publisher will value you, and upfront prices will stand by that.

– Karl

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