Quick Tips for Authors of Self Published Poetry Books

April is Poetry month. 

If you are the author of a self-published poetry book, here are five quick tips for you this month:

1.  Get your book reviewed: Reader Views accepts Poetry books for review. Don’t forget to forward your review to us to post with our weekly Self-Published Book Review.

2.  Enter your book in an award contest: Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards – hurry, the deadline is coming up!

3. Get interviewed in a Podcast: Writer’s in the Sky offers Podcast interviews with some of their publicity packages

4. Promote your book on Twitter: Follow us @SPAdvice and comment on our posts.  This will help generate more traffic to your Twitter page and your website (which should feature your book).

5. Set up book signing events: Read our blog post for more information about how to do that.

Good luck and have fun!
Kelly Schuknecht

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