Publicity Tools for Self-Published Authors

Are you looking to increase publicity for your self-published book? Below is information about some of the resources professional publicists use. With this information at their disposal, they then turn around and charge their clients thousands of dollars, but you can do it yourself with a little bit of work and the right tools:

All-in-One Media Directory –
There is a print version and a CD version available. If you want up-to-date media contacts, this is it, all in one place:

Cision’s Media Directories –
These directories are available for specialized outlets and channels and include in-depth profiles on reporters, editors, and columnists. Some of these reports aren’t cheap, but they are the same top-of-the-line reports used by many libraries:

The Gale Databases
Here you will find thousands of listings for radio and television and cable companies. All the relevant data is here including there addresses, phone number, and email addresses:

Bulldog Reporter
National PR Pitch Books media directories include contact information for up to 43,000 journalists:

Newspaper Directory
A useful online resource for local, daily, and weekly newspapers:

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One thought on “Publicity Tools for Self-Published Authors

  1. I stumbled upon this blog and it sparked my interest. I manage an online magazine called Demonic Tome and it already has a consistent fan-base and would be a great spot for new horror writers to spread the word of any book they may have. I really believe, especially because of the hit count, that it would help out quite a bit. Feel free to check it out, all the information regarding this service is out in the open on the website.

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