Radio Interviews for the Self Published Author

On-air interviews are one of the staples of a good self-published book publicity campaign. Here are some tips that may help you secure some on-air interviews with radio stations:

TIP # 1 – Press releases are not just for the publication date. If your book has been out for awhile now, you may want to consider another press release with a different angle. The media likes topics that are fresh and new (that’s why they call it news), so come up with a different approach or “hook” for your book and draft another release. Then send it to your local media and follow-up in a few days with a phone call.

TIP # 2 – During the call, try to refrain from heavily pitching yourself or your book. The producers are only interested in one thing — whether or not YOU will be entertaining to their viewers or listeners. The way you can be entertaining is by establishing yourself as an expert on a subject people care about (and hopefully, in some way, is connected with your book).

TIP # 3 – Follow the news voraciously. The media likes nothing better than a savvy author who knows the hot topics of the moment and can be both entertaining AND topical. News stations are always looking for a tie-in between segments, something that is connected with the stories or news items they are reporting that day. When they report on a subject and then have an interview with an expert (you) connected to that very topic, they look good. (And you look good).

TIP # 4 – Producers keep hot-files. Even if you are NOT the current topic of the month, you may very well be the hot topic NEXT month. Be sure local media know about you and have your contact information so that when a story comes along that relates to your expertise, they know who to call. The easier you make their job, they more they will like you.

TIP # 5 – Try these website to find radio stations around the world: and

Good luck and have fun!
Kelly Schuknecht

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