Using Podcasts to Promote Your Self Published Book

Perhaps you’ve heard about podcasts? These are recorded sessions of either music or talking. Podcasts that focus on books are perfect because they are already written (so you aren’t making something up at the same time you record) and they are either entertaining or educational (or both).

Recording a podcast of your self-published book is a great way to promote it. Once your podcast is recorded, you can upload it to popular sites like and reach a whole new audience. is a relatively easy way to start creating a podcast for your book. You will find helpful instructions for what you need in the way of hardware and software to make your first recording. They also allow you to upload your files to their site for free, but once you have your podcast file (usually an mp3 file) don’t forget to upload it to other popular sites, too.  You can conduct a search on Google to find sites where you can upload your podcast, and you can submit your podcast feed URL to the iTunes Store here.

Other links that will help you down the road of podcasting include:

Good luck and have fun!
Kelly Schuknecht

2 thoughts on “Using Podcasts to Promote Your Self Published Book

  1. Sure. You posted an insightful blog a few days ago about the importance of editing, cover design, marketing etc., in self-publishing. I look forward to hearing more about this forthcoming book. Do you have a timeline established?

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