Using Amazon’s BXGY to Promote your Self Published Book

Imagine seeing your self-published book listed next to Harry Potter, the Da Vinci Code, or Clive Cussler’s latest horror novel.

Pairing two novels together for a combined discount is what calls their BXGY plan (which stands for “Buy Title X, Get Title Y”). The idea behind the promotion is simple: Find a book that is very highly ranked on (Title X) and match the theme or potential audience of that book with yours.

Then, contact Amazon and participate in their BXGY marketing program. For an entire month, your title (Title Y) will be paired with an Amazon best selling title (Title X) of your choice.

To contact Amazon and arrange your Co-Op advertising campaign (which runs for 1 month and costs between $750-$1000 billed directly by Amazon) click on this link to’s CO-OP webpage.

Good luck and have fun!
Kelly Schuknecht

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