Self-publishing Book Marketing Advice – Readers that Count

Placing your book in front of readers that matter is one of the most important elements in successful book marketing of your self-published title. This  should be high on your long range radar even as you write.

What does this mean? The smaller, most identified reader base the better off you’ll sit. Does your non-fiction piece focus on Green Building and Design? Your fiction take place in the US Civil War? Or your title introducing relevant ways to manage a company during a recession?

Each of these examples presents you, the author, with a strong, identifiable reader base. Should you care if someone who blogs incessantly about the Harry Potter series doesn’t know or care about your book? Without question, no.

Should you take note if Robert Morris mentions your B2B management or effective leadership piece? Absolutely. He is an individual influential on a specific topic that will bring others to your book.

The bottom line challenge is finding which circles, critics, and resource that matter to your book and convincing them of its value. Its in trying to please everyone that we become invisible – something like the law of diminish returns.

Doesn’t writing sometimes seem to be the easiest part?

– Karl Schroeder