4 Reasons to Self-Publish This Easter

Holidays can be an excellent source of motivation and inspiration, and many great books center around a specific holiday. Here are four reasons you should self-publish this Easter.

1. Children’s Books

Holiday themed books are especially popular among children’s book authors because teachers, parents, and kids love to read books related to what children are experiencing at that time. Perhaps you could write a book Sunday school teachers could use to teach kids about Easter, or you could create a funny bunny story that plays with alliterations, metaphors, and other writing techniques so teachers could use the book in writing lessons.

2. Adult Books

Holiday themes aren’t just for children. Many adult books centered around a holiday also have success. There are countless possibilities depending on your interests, non-fiction, Christian fiction, mystery, romance, poetry, and more. Let the holiday inspire you, and be creative.

3. Time to Write

Most people have time off from work near Easter. This long weekend is a great opportunity to work on your book. Use this extra time to brainstorm ideas, finish your manuscript, start a new writing project, or begin the self-publishing process.

4. Family and Friends

Most people are surrounded by family and friends during the holidays. This is a great opportunity to get the support and motivation you need to complete your writing project. This Easter, tell your family and friends about your writing goals and the projects you are working on. Their enthusiasm and support will help you through the process.

I’d love to know, what are your favorite holiday themed books?

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