Self-Publishing News: 7.7.2020

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And now for the news.

Highlights from this month in the world of self-publishing:

Some good news for parents out of the Big Sky State! Many parents have found themselves in the unique position of having to be educators as well as bread-winners, and with case numbers all over the map (literally as well as figuratively), it doesn’t look like that will be changing any time soon. Whether you’re electing to be cautious in states like Montana that have begun to reopen or following state and federal recommendations elsewhere, a much-needed resource has arrived to fill the gap. Writing for Helena’s Independent Record, Tyler Manning writes about how “Two Helena teachers recently self-published a kindergarten readiness guide for parents.” The project had been in the works for six years or more, but this proved just the right moment for teachers (to observe proper classroom etiquette) Ms. Hankins and Ms. Buresh to self-publish. As Manning puts it:

According to Hankins, they had many tips but verbally explaining them lots of individual parents wasn’t wholly effective. The pair then had the idea to start writing down tips, idea and exercises. Before they knew it, they had enough to write a book.

The book takes the form of activity pages for each letter of the alphabet. It teaches concepts like numbers, shapes, colors, vocabulary and more. Hankins said the book also aims to answer many of the social questions that parents have as their children start school for the first time.

“It’s two-fold,” said Hankins. “It’s to get the kids ready and to put parents minds at ease.”

While the material might have been embraced by a traditional publishing house, the lag time would have prevented many parents from getting their hands on the book when they most need it––which is now. According to another article from the Independent Record, Helena’s schools are still aiming to reopen for the Fall semester, despite a recent rise in recorded statewide COVID-19 cases that will still seem small to those states with city-concentrated populations. In any case, this local Montana effort will hopefully signal the start of a new wave of high-quality self-published resources for parents of young children that are both timely and teacher-tested as this one seems to be. 

Tyler Manning’s coverage includes much more and is worth reading in its own right. You can find out more about Hankins, Buresh, and their book at More news soon!


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