Self-Publishing News: 6.4.2019


And now for the news!

Some highlights from this month in the world of self-publishing!

In what has turned out to be a slower news week, Katy Cowan of Creative Boom brought us something really special: a profile of and interview with Kristyna Baczynski, an illustrator and zine enthusiast who has recently put together a workbook through which children can get their first hands-on experience with zines themselves. Writes Cowan,

What is it about magazines that Kristyna loves so much? “Boutique publishing, self-publishing, small press, micro-publishers, DIY zines… they are all different, but have a similar ethos or motivation; the creators saw a gap, a lack of representation and decided to construct it themselves. From bedroom stapled zines with a run of ten, to beautifully printed bi-annual niche magazines, I love when people get together and make the weird content that nobody asked for, but they feel compelled to share.”

The implication? There’s room in self-publishing and these other edge-of-the-envelope-pushing forms for everyone, including blockbuster authors looking for a bit more creative control as well as niche writers and creators—those who are, as Baczynski puts it, “make the weird content that nobody asked for” … but that everybody most definitely needs in their lives. Sometimes it’s the niche unasked for book that helps change our minds about something, or broadens our perspective a little, in ways that reading asked-for content just can’t do.

We’ve written about zines frequently on Self Publishing Advisor, but this is the first time we’ve seen someone actively producing physical or print materials and resources to enable young newcomers to create their first zine. What a neat idea!

We’re always excited to see self-publishing gain a toehold in new corners of the world, and this week brought us exciting news from Romania, no less! In a press release on Digital World, we found out the details about Vlad Alecu, who launched his career at age 12, and who self-published his first book at only 16. Now no longer a teenager but a teacher and fully-fledged entrepreneur, Alecu is looking back on his work in self-publishing. As the press release puts it,

Vlad teaches to over 10,000 students on Udemy, expanding more in the educational area with books for almost all ages (now launching “Kickstart.” – The #1 Digital Marketing Guide!).

It didn’t take long for Alecu to become a Self-Published Author & Entrepreneur with several ventures in the self-publishing space, e-commerce and app development.

Asked about his remarkable entrepreneurial success, Alecu said, “I am looking towards solving bigger problems, even though I like creating little projects for fun.”

Good news out of Romania! We wish all Romanian self-publishing authors, including Alecu, the best of luck in their ongoing efforts.


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