Self-Publishing News: 11.20.2017 – These Cookbooks are Prime for Thanksgiving!


And now for the news!

Some highlights from this month in the world of self-publishing, specifically new releases written by self-publishing authors and published by independent presses! Today we’ll be featuring brand-new releases in the Outskirts Press Bookstore!

Look, it’s the week of Thanksgiving, so we’re going to spend a little time loving on a few of our favorite cookbooks this week as we ready our mixing bowls and our stomachs for what’s ahead: a week full of food, fun, and family–not to mention a whole lot of patriotism! Yes, it’s true, there’s no more timely and suitable cookbook to add to your collection this week than Uma Aggarwal’s America’s Favorite Recipes, the first volume of which was published by Outskirts Press! Aggarwal, an experienced cook and author of several other cookbooks, sets out to prove a point in this particular volume: that American cuisine is, in fact, that “melting pot” it has often been described to be, and that it combines the best of all worlds and elements from the various cultures who have been brought to our shores. Here is a beautifully designed and elegantly presented set of traditional as well as innovative recipes gathered by Aggarwal from throughout the country and throughout the history of America–from Colonial times to modern ethnic fusion cuisines–and a whole lot of great ideas to try as you dive into your Thanksgiving preparations!

Some chefs are just a national treasure, don’t you think? We happen to think so, and we happen to also think that Chef Jesse Jones counts among that exalted crowd of creative, masterful, and also accessible chefs who don’t just inspire us to do better in the kitchen–they also provide concrete steps of how to get from point A (the raw ingredients) to point C (the plated dish). Here, in POW! My Life in 40 Feasts, Chef Jones provides his readers with a brand-new set of tried and true recipes from his own private collection, all of them beautifully printed in this gorgeous cookbook. But there’s more here than just recipes, as wonderful and worthy as they are by themselves! This is not just a cookbook, it’s a memoir too, and it follows Chef Jones’ story from troubled times in New Jersey and North Carolina, throughout his training in the great kitchens of France, to his eventual return and success as a restaurant owner and five-star chef! This book provides plenty to get new and cautious cooks started, as well as lots to challenge the experienced chef. Dip into his French and Southern-influenced cuisine with this great set of fantastic feasts!

If it were easy, we’d all be doing it, right? And while we can’t all be Angela Mulloy, we can learn from her life story in this fascinating book, which combines memoir and recipes in an altogether new and fresh way! Mulloy’s life took an unexpected turn when she moved from a successful career in publishing to purchasing and renovating an Eighteenth-Century plantation, where she opened a restaurant and inn and launched herself down a wholly different path to what might be called … a renaissance of Southern cooking, hospitality, and tradition! With more than 25 years of experience in running the inn and restaurant to wide acclaim, Mulloy now brings us this fantastic book, chronicling her life and journey from childhood through the various kitchens and homes which sharpened her creative culinary instincts. Her life hasn’t exactly been easy–there’s tragedy and loss sprinkled in among the everyday hardships which make up an ordinary life–she has risen above it all with her sparkling wit and her tasty recipes, sure to please a crowd this holiday season. We can’t recommend her book enough!


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