Self-Publishing News: 11.13.2017 – The Interviews!


And now for the news!

Some highlights from this month in the world of self-publishing, specifically interviews with or articles written by self-publishing authors and experts!

For many self-publishing authors, regionality is a powerful thread woven throughout their works, tying their books to the cities and sceneries which surround them in day-to-day life. For newly self-published author Alexandra Speck, her first book has deep roots in the culture and community of Cape Cod, which she herself calls home. Says Steven Withrow of The Falmouth Enterprise in this early November interview, Ms. Speck honed early drafts of Honor Girl “in workshops with fellow writers at the Cape Cod Writers Center in Hyannis,” and has solid plans to promote and sell her book throughout the area using her experience in event planning as a development associate for the Community Health Center of Cape Cod. She has a lot to say in encouraging others thinking about self-publishing, too: “There are so many success stories with self-published authors, and publishing companies are really paying attention to books that have already found an audience,” she says. Withrow notes the decline in stigma associated with skipping traditional publishing in favor of the speed, flexibility, and affordability of self-publishing options. The rest of Withrow’s interview with Speck is well worth checking out on The Falmouth Enterprise‘s website!

Not every breakthrough for self-publishing authors comes in the form of a book, as Ivan Thomas’ article for Lee Bailey’s EurWeb Electronic Urban Report reveals. It’s here that Thomas describes the latest project by author, publisher, and indie publishing guru LaDonna Smith–a magazine, specifically designed to spread the word about self-published works and amplify the voices of minority authors and creators. The magazine in question is Writer’s Life Magazine, first started by Smith as a way of promoting her own book, The Money Tree but now an indie darling with both up-and-coming and high-profile names attached, such as NBA champion Metta World Peace (Ron Artest), who has released several well-received children’s books.

And look, we get excited about a lot of things on Self Publishing Advisor, but this magazine sounds really special, even by our standards. After all, it’s not every day that someone like Smith comes along with the know-how and the generosity to first craft a magazine and then open it up to promote the works of others. Writes Thomas, “Each issue of Writer’s Life Magazine provides professional advice and insider tips on writing and self-publishing books. These resources assist not only independent authors, but screen-writers, song-writers, literary organizations and rising illustrators. There is even a small-business spotlight that highlights bloggers and individuals who provide services to authors.” Smith’s hope is to provide a boost to the works of others who, like her, struggled to find a home for books and other artistic projects which celebrate people of color and for authors who are looking for more artistic control. The rest of this interview can be read at the link!

This isn’t your typical interview, but that’s fitting, because there’s very little that’s typical about Houston’s annual Zine Fest this year. In this brief interview with Connor Clifton, member of the absurdist comedy collective MicroSatan (which also publishes the zine Dragon Trainer High School), reporter Texas Cook takes a look at the underground culture of zines which is about to converge on the city. Those of you who’ve followed us here at Self Publishing Advisor for a while will know that zines are a favorite topic of ours here; although we don’t get too many opportunities to talk about them, we have written about them and their importance in the past, and would encourage you to not just catch up on Cook’s full interview but also on some of the many ways in which you can make zines work in your favor. (Interested? Read this article. And this one, too. And don’t worry, we’ll revisit the subject in more detail at some future date.) Check out Texas Cook’s article and the happy chaos that is the Houston Zine Fest 2017!


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