Saturday Book Review: ” Surviving in a Ever-Changing Healthcare Industry”

Book reviews are a great way for self-publishing authors to gain exposure. After all, how can someone buy your book if he or she doesn’t know it exists? Paired with other elements of your book promotion strategy, requesting reviews is a great way to get people talking about what you’ve written.

When we read good reviews, we definitely like to share them. It gives the author a few (permanent) moments of fame and allows us to let the community know about a great book. Here’s this week’s book review, courtesy of Midwest Book Review:

Surviving in a Ever-Changing Healthcare Industry Donna Gault

Surviving in a Ever-Changing Healthcare Industry

by Donna Gault

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 9781478780717


Surviving in an Ever-Changing Healthcare Industry is a short book that packs a powerful punch. Donna Gault, a registered nurse with nearly 50 years of experience, explains the many changes in the healthcare industry today and the challenges facing doctors, nurses, hospitals, and especially you-the patient. She then provides guidelines to help everyone obtain safer healthcare. The book includes sections written by two physicians who offer their own viewpoints on the changes facing physicians today, and how to help doctors provide the best care for you.

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Practical, informative, insightful, and thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in organization and presentation, “Surviving in a Ever-Changing Healthcare Industry” is very highly recommended for clinic, community, and academic library Health/Medicine collections. For personal reading lists it should be noted that “Surviving in a Ever-Changing Healthcare Industry” is also available in a Kindle format ($5.95).

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Here’s what some other reviewers are saying:

This book is a must read for anyone who is concerned about the changes taking place in our Healthcare system.

Donna does a great job of articulating the changes with good sound advice .
We all need to be prepared to ask the tough questions and get the answers we need to be better informed. Donna gives us well thought out and researched tools to take charge of our health.

I appreciated the two Doctors who contributed to this book . Each Doctor sharing their viewpoint their perspective on how the changes are affecting them and their practice.

This little easy to read 88 page book is a powerhouse. One that you will keep and refer to over and over in your life.

Bravo Donna and Thank you.

– Amazon Reviewer Brenda

This book is a must have to understand what you need to know to advocate for yourself and loved ones in an ever changing health system. Strengths are emphasized as well as weaknesses in the system. Times have changed since the days of the family physician and this book is based on reality and gives information and advise that every patient needs to know. I would highly recommend this book and encourage everyone to read it. The book is short and easy reading, but packed with vital information that will help you to better advocate for yourself and your loved ones.

– Amazon Reviewer Diane Gray

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