Conversations: 3/24/2017



There is another layer of the Inspiration genre that is a blend of True Story/Memoir/Life Lessons. Many of these books (and their authors) have offered totally new perspectives that have enhanced my writing abilities. I am fairly certain you have a few favorites on your bookshelves, too. They definitely fit my criteria of educational reading as they enhance the skills of all writers of every genre.

royalene4The first example I’ve selected today is by author Eane Huff. I must admit that I was drawn to the book by the author’s last name because of my friendship with a husband and wife writing team who share that name. I have no idea if they are related. However, Eane Huff’s book Wednesdays with Jerry, definitely fits my friends’ concept of encouraging others.

When a student (who has experienced a challenging head trauma) dreams of obtaining a master’s degree it would be understandable if he gave up. But he didn’t—because—an amazing teacher walked into his life and gave him the tools needed to succeed.  This short book is highly recommended reading for all special educators—a True Story/illustration of ways to introduce compassion, belief and mastery of life’s bumps to help others reach for their highest hopes. AND, for fiction writers, you’ll be inspired to develop your protagonist characters with many of these qualities.

My second example today is from author Elizabeth Stone: The Midnight Call.

Some might say it is the exact opposite of book and story above because of the tragic royalene5moments it reveals. However, by honestly sharing the events in her son’s life it is the author’s hope that—as people read the pages of their family’s true story—they will find the support and encouragement needed to go beyond surviving the moments of their own difficulties to find the brighter days of tomorrow.

Stone shares the joy of their first son’s birth—when that brand new person, that new individual whose personality and passions—entered and gladdened the hearts of their whole family. She also tells about his later days of addiction to alcohol and drugs which trapped them all in days, months and years that often spiraled out of control. Many hearts were broken—yet today they are healing and making choices to live life and smile again. Writing and publishing this book (which offers helpful support resources) will help anyone who is experiencing these life events. AND, again, the fiction writer will find many key components to help develop multi-level, real characters.

As I was searching for examples in this True Story/Memoir/Life Lessons category, I remembered a very special newspaper columnist by the name of Gene Amole. He not only “did” a column for Denver’s Rocky Mountain News, but his creative writing legacy touched radio and television. His first book was AMOLE: One More Time, a collection of his wisdom, wit, and humanity that earned him intense reader loyalty. His last book, The Last Chapter, starts with the column that announced he was dying. “Still, I am not retiring,” he said, “Just taking on a new assignment.” And so he did—for six months. His craftsmanship with the written word, his humor, compassion and celebration of family and friends, has left behind a writers legacy to be admired and emulated.

Deep within every writer’s heart I believe we all have this dream of leaving a legacy of written work behind us. It is not a pipe-dream. We can do it, too!  ⚓︎


ABOUT ROYALENE DOYLE: Royalene has been writing something since before kindergarten days and continues to love the process. Through her small business—DOYLE WRITING SERVICES—she brings more than 40 years of writing experience to authors who need “just a little assistance” with completing their projects. This is a nice fit as she develops these blogs for Outskirts Press (OP) a leading self-publisher, and occasionally accepts a ghostwriting project from one of their clients. Her recent book release (with OP) titled FIREPROOF PROVERBS, A Writer’s Study of Words, is already receiving excellent reviews including several professional writer’s endorsements given on the book’s back cover.  

Royalene’s writing experience grew through a wide variety of positions from Office Manager and Administrative Assistant to Teacher of Literature and Advanced Writing courses and editor/writer for an International Christian ministry. Her willingness to listen to struggling authors, learn their goals and expectations and discern their writing voice has brought many manuscripts into the published books arena.

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