Friday Conversations With A Self-Publishing Writer 6/27/14


Last month I attended an awards banquet for authors.  I was so excited to see such a variety of unconventional writers being recognized.  These were folks who wrote with passion, flamboyance and flare that could only come from their pens.  They inspired me!  Then, a few days later, I recalled a quote from one of my favorite authors, Isaac Asimov.  Remember him?  He’s the American author (and professor of biochemistry) who “saw” the world and universe in such unique ways and reached millions of readers through his science fiction books.  To writers then and now, Asimov spoke clearly these words of encouragement:  “If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster.”

Asimov has given me another level of encouragement, too; one that has pushed me (personally) outside of the genre box that first enclosed me.  He wrote in multiple genres: science textbooks; popular science; essays; mystery; scientific science fiction and social science fiction.  And he also wrote literary criticism pieces.  So for those of us who have painted ourselves into a corner—think again.  The gift of writing we’ve been given has many functions!  We need not be “nailed” to one genre!

When trying to encourage a friend (writer) several months ago—sharing the concept of not being “pegged” as only one type of author—I found myself stopping mid-sentence and then changing the subject.  This particular friend was not hearing what was being said.  Her mind was SET.  She was a Romance Writer and that was all there was to it.  And (sad for me), she believed that the only avenue of publication for her work was with the main-street publishers—the Houghton Mifflins and Random Houses.  She had sent her manuscript and was waiting.

So it is, my friends, that as I write today’s blog, I am hoping you can see beyond the “blinders.”  Look to your writings and re-discover them!  What other genres do your topics suggest?  My friend’s romance novel could have easily been enhanced with historical references and possibly action/adventure/mystery.  Plus, her own experiences in the writing craft could be expanded into articles for writers’ magazines and ezines.  Plus…Plus…Plus!

AND, don’t miss the opportunities of partnering with a self-publisher and their professional teams of layout designers, editors, marketing experts, etc.  You will, of course, need to research the one’s labeled as “the best” or “fastest” or “least expensive.”  QUALITY of product is what you’re looking for and having the personal power to make your own decisions is a great PLUS with these companies.  Their self-publishing “business” is a “service” business that has become a true blessing in the lives of authors and readers, today.

So…type faster!  Let those ideas flow!  Get the books published and hold your dreams in your hands.

Royalene ABOUT ROYALENE DOYLE: Royalene Doyle is a Ghostwriter with Outskirts Press, bringing more than 35 years of writing experience to authors who need “just a little assistance” with completing their writing projects. She has worked with both experienced and fledgling writers helping complete projects in multiple genres. When a writer brings the passion they have for their work and combines it with Royalene’s passion to see the finished project in print, books are published and the writer’s legacy is passed forward.

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