Weekly Wednesday Podcast: Book Video Marketing Essentials/Contest Winner Announced

Today’s topic is: Book Video Marketing Essentials.
A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how to use book video marketing as part of your book promotion strategy. Today, I’m covering what you need in your video a bit more in-depth. You need all of the following:
  • Title
  • Author name
  • Image of book cover
  • Image of author
  • Price (not if it could put buyers off)
  • Availability (Amazon? B&N? Website?)
  • Call to action (put at the end so that it’s the last thing on their mind)
  • Additional creative images/video (trailer)
  • Synopsis (trailer – get your audience interested)
Also, the winner for our “Boost Our Blog Facebook Contest” was chosen. Here’s more about the winning author and her book:

The Veiled Mirror by Christine Frost

Book Title: The Veiled Mirror: The Story of Prince Vlad Dracula’s Lost Love

Author: Christine Frost

Publisher: CreateSpace

Date of Publication: October 22, 2010



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