Self-publishing authors living the dream

… is the headline reading on PubIt!’s new homepage. A bit late on its expected summer timeline, Barnes & Noble has just announced that its digital self-publishing platform, PubIt!, is up and user ready. Barnes & Noble joining the mix is no surprise, considering the buzz currently swarming around digital publishing, a topic we hit on often here.

Like many things digital, PubIt! is marketing the service toward self-publishers as an easy, cost-effective way to get their work on the market. PubIt! content then heads to at least and the B&N eBookstore, among other digital bookstores that may pick the titles up. Like Amazon’s Kindle, PubIt! advertises no hidden fees, and a similar author-controlled pricing structure.

Authors can price their books anywhere from $0.99 – $199.00, with higher royalties paid to those titles priced in the sweet spot. Books retailing from $2.99 – $9.99 will see $65 percent royalties, while those priced on top or bottom of that dropped down to 40%. More information can be found on the PubIt! site.

Many self-publishing authors do now have greater access to living the dream thanks to technological and organizational advancements. I would expect that self-publishing service providers will soon begin to integrate this into their expanding suite of services and options.

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