Self-publishing: Keeping up with the times

Ten years ago we lived, worked, and managed commerce in a much different way than we do now. The combined environment of rapidly growing Internet technologies, increased computing power, and digital communications that like water, can go anywhere, are introducing new and inevitable changes in the book industry. Among the 10 things to consider in yesterday’s post including a bullet reminding self-publishing authors that they will be Running a Business, and one affected greatly by the changing way in which books are marketed and sold.

The technology landscape shows no signs of slowing down. If Facebook were a nation, they would have gained 100 million more people than the entire United States, now totaling around 500 million users. More than 4 billion people around the world now use cell phones, a good deal of which are fully mobile, smartphone capable. The ways information technologies are deployed are changing as well. Cloud computing and business virtualization accommodate the reallocation of bottom line costs and while creating new ways for individuals to learn about and consume goods and services. Social Media has exploded over the past several years. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, a growing number of resources are allowing entrepreneurs and organizations to greatly reduce cost while managing effectiveness. For the first time in nearly a quarter of a century Pepsi opted out of advertising the super bowl in the effort to focus on social media marketing instead.

The rapidly shifting technology environment raises big questions for self-publishing authors and how you may capitalize on these advancements, and keep this in mind when developing your business plan. Many publishers are working hard for you in order to keep abreast of new technologies and innovative marketing strategies. It never hurts to ask.

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