Self-publishing and Shelf Space

Perhaps one of the most extraordinary experiences for self-publishing authors comes in holding your book in hand for the first time.

Unfortunately, I see many self-published authors trying to replicate that experience for a handful of others by seeing their books stocked in a brick-and-mortar store. Physical inventory in areas where you can do book signings and readings can be a good thing, but for many finding shelf space in a physical location will be about as productive as pushing boulders up a mountain.

The book industry, while slower than others like the record business, has changed. Now, your ISBN is infinite shelf space. And shelf space where your book will be priced lower, and royalties higher. For readers, your book is just as real, and just as important. Instead of spending all that time, energy, and lost royalty revenue, peddling your books around, let those like Amazon do the work for you. They’ve already made the investment.


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