On Self-published Book Reviews

Every Saturday I post self-published book reviews on this blog. What you won’t find in those is critical review in the vein of James Wood or the New York Times book review. (I am a fan of both.)

The reviews posted here are not intended to be on par, mimic, or compliment a James Wood. The reality is book marketing is changing as fast as book publishing – exponentially. As Stephen Marche noted in a recent Esquire, “…written criticism — literary, music, and movie reviews by trained professionals — has never been less relevant. There is no Lester Bangs to announce to the cool kids that the Doors actually suck.”

Learning to view this as neither good nor bad, but instead different, is the key. It’s not a fight anyone is going to win, after all. For those literary buffs out there, I encourage you to read some James Wood. And I hope you find our book reviews here at the very least a good resource for learning about new titles and relevant niche reads.

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