Author Value in Self-publishing

Self-publishing exists. It’s not right for everyone, and the only option for some. For many like former Yankee pitcher, Fritz Peterson, self-publishing is the way to go.

Peterson’s 2009 publication, Mickey Mantle is Going to Heaven recounts baseball and humor in a light applicable to readers of all generations. You may recall the rather shocking news Peterson and fellow pitcher Mike Kekich made in the early 70’s. Check out this interview in which Peterson discusses his desire to self-publish in order to keep 100% of his content rights and preserve the essence of his story and message.

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One thought on “Author Value in Self-publishing

  1. Good point. In fact, the same logic would be true for the term home builder. Wouldn’t it? Of course, we cannot classify the home builder as one who has laid every pipe, turned every screw, and wired every fixture in a home. We have plumbers, roofers, electricians, cabinet makers, and demolition teams. Home builders are the general contractors that listen to what we, the home owner, want and orchestrate the integration of these specialties based on our vision for a home. Organizations like Outskirts Press are the general contractors of the custom book publishing business.

    If Mr. Peterson had focused all of his efforts on being a book publisher it’s likely that we would know little of him as a baseball player. He would be busy learning how to be an editor, typesetter, distribution business, marketing professional, printer, etc. We may never have even seen the book come into fruition. Semantics aside, Peterson is a published author. It’s fortunate he found a turn-key solution like Outskirts Press, one of the best general contractors in the business.

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