Self-publishing Goes Higher-Ed at NYU

Has the credibility of self-publishing been in question previously? I have to admit I’ve dealt with my fair share of doubters. At times in fact I’ve felt, as has Tracy Jordan, stuck in Horseville – because I sat surrounded by Neighsayers.
The writing/publishing program chairs at New York University have recently announced the department’s intention to introduce a a course in self-publishing for the Spring semester of 2010. The 6 week course will be taught by self-publishing and book marketing expert, Penny C. Sansevieri.

Notes Sansevieri, “I’m delighted to teach self-publishing for NYU and am thrilled that they’ve asked me to bring this model to their students for the first time. Today’s publishing landscape is changing by the minute. Print-on-Demand or POD is taking hold in a big way. With self-publishing and computer technology, big publishers’ stranglehold on the market is gone. Everyone can publish their story.”

Writers rejoice. Doubters take notice.

– Karl Schroeder

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One thought on “Self-publishing Goes Higher-Ed at NYU

  1. I had higher expectations for an NYU publisher. I was given the run around by incompetent associates working in the nyu self publishing department for over three months. There was a absolutely no assistance whatsoever, as they insist on email, fail to how up to appointment, and take weeks to respond to an email. Worst service in nyc, and lacking in the right of associating itself with NYU.

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