Self-publishing versus…well, nothing

It sometimes seems that we, collectively, find difficulty in escaping the conversational vein of traditional publishing versus self-publishing as if the two were completely polarized. News, blogs, articles online and off have swarmed the topic for some time now, and its easy to get pulled into the polemics of strong ideas and outside interests. Change can be difficult to embrace because there is uncertainty. But there is also opportunity.

Self versus Traditional publishing. Is this really one versus they other? Of course not. The value of publishing comes through the course of sharing valuable, entertaining, and relevant information with others in a certain medium.

What is true is that the publishing industry has been fundamentally altered by the connections offered by the internet, from the production, publication, distribution, and marketing of your book. Not just a little different as we are finding out, but completely rebuilt. This is true not just in publishing but across the way we live. In entertainment, recreation, and business.

Publishing a book is a business – your business. Knowing what you know how will you approach the publishing and marketing options available to you?

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