Self Published Book Review of the Week: Searching for Salvation

Searching for Salvation

by Albert L. Pike, Jr.

This self-published book was recently reviewed by ReaderViews:

“Searching for Salvation” is a poetry book that shows just because someone may appear to have it “all together” doesn’t make that fact. The author, Albert L. Pike, Jr., is a former public school teacher and administrator who became a priest in the Roman Catholic Church after a series of physical and emotional battles.

The poetry Pike writes in “Searching for Salvation” vividly shows his battles with depression, bipolar disorder, and seeking validation in other people such as his wife. His belief in God and his desire to serve, which he states in a narrative began at age seven when he felt called to the priesthood, shines through most of his work.

Most poetry books do not have narrative essays explaining the progression of the poems or even an introduction, but Pike does this without ruining the fact that “Searching for Salvation” is primarily a book of poetry. The explanations work well and help support the theme of his work, which is going from spiritual brokenness to spiritual enlightenment.

I am not Catholic, but I still feel “Searching for Salvation” has a lot of validity especially for those who are trying to go from emotional darkness into emotional sunlight. There are a number of Catholic themes noted in the book, especially once Pike enters the priesthood. Thus, those who are staunchly against the Catholic Church or other forms of Western religion may not wish to pick up a copy of this book. However, it is not necessary to be Catholic or Christian to enjoy the message of “Searching for Salvation” or the pain and then joy reflected in Pike’s words. This book is ideal for anyone who is interested in poetry, prose, self-help, and general spirituality and is appropriate for a wide range of age groups.

What I found most valuable out of “Searching for Salvation” by Albert L. Pike, Jr. is that a priest can admit a history of serious challenges, even note that the church to which he has devoted the remainder of his life had “innumerable scandalous activities.” Pike also beautifully illustrates through words the importance of even painful experience as perhaps life’s most lasting teacher.

For more information or to order the book, visit the author’s webpage:

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