Self Published Book Review of the Week: Anointed for Appointment

Anointed for Appointment

by Olaniyi Adelabu

A recent review submitted by this self-published author:

The book – Anointed for Appointment – is non-fiction. It’s the most explanatory book I’ve ever read on the use and power of anointed oil. The author has written this book to educate the reader on the real meaning, purpose, uses, spiritual components, dos and don’ts of anointing oil. He reveals the source of anointing, its importance and different ways of administering it, just with the main purpose of getting readers equipped with necessary things to be know about this concept – Anointing.

This book is an eye-opener which will definitely meet the need of the reader in providing them with the necessary information on Anointing and anointing oil – a physical symbol. It would clear all misconceptions and mishandling of anointing oil. And readers will surely become better in their beliefs and administering/application of anointing oil after reading the book.

The book is writhing for people of all ages with or without any amount of belief in anointing oil. That’s why its written in such a way that clears all doubt about the source, importance, handling and so on of the anointing oil.

It is also to be noted that the author is duly qualified to write this book. Because of his gathered enormous experiences from the use of anointing oil in the due course of ministry as a seasoned deliverance minister for years. The last chapter – chapter six – of the book provides readers with some of his experience in the deliverance ministry. They are interesting! He also has some other works on the pipe line which are also going to shake the kingdom with grate implications.

The bottle of “Goya or Olive’ oil you buy from a shop is mere chemistry. But when it’s sanctified – prayed on – it becomes purer with God the father, Son and the Holy Ghost as the components. It’s really a weapon of warfare! Pastor Michael Olaniyi Adelabu has really downloaded from heaven to write this ageless book.
Now, ‘do more than read, absorb’

~ Omole – Great G. K.

For more information or to order the book, visit the author’s webpage:

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