Self-Published books eclipse Traditionally published titles

Publishers Weekly announced on-demand published title output up a whopping 132% in 2008 over the previous year whereas traditionally published books down over 3%. The total number of self-published, on-demand books overtook the traditional side for the first year ever last year, demonstrating further the inevitable climate change in the publishing industry.

Print and communication technology is leveling the playing field democratizing the way books publish. Strong self-publishing outfits are adapting to meet that market and help authors find success in the industry. But just because a self-publishing service provider spends big bucks getting their name out there doesn’t mean they’ll invest the same effort for your book. Pricing flexibility and marketing services and options are critical in finding success in this new environment. Do your homework, invest well, and let your publisher take you for the ride.

Have fun and keep writing!

– Karl

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3 thoughts on “Self-Published books eclipse Traditionally published titles

  1. Really good news for people who want to keep control of the process, hold onto their rights and see books out quickly! And you are absolutely right, Karl, that marketing is the key every time. The author needs to ensure that the book promotion is constant and consistent. They also may need to ‘manage’ their publisher. I just had a long phone call with one of my clients yesterday and together we came up with another 12 free marketing ideas which will keep her busy this summer!

    Good luck, everyone!

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