Happy Birthday Self Publishing Advice!

August marks the one year birthday of our blog!  Over the last year we have offered lots of tips and advice about self-publishing, before and after the publishing process.  We welcome feedback and suggestions if there are topics you’d like us to cover, so please let us know.

Who we are:

Self Publishing Advice offers advice for authors before and after the self-publishing process.  Karl Schroeder gives helpful tips and things to consider when choosing a publisher.  Kelly Schuknecht provides information about promoting a self-published book.

Whether you are an author looking for the self-publisher that fits your direction and goals or you have already published your book and are now focusing on building your sales, Self Publishing Advice will have helpful tips just for you.

We also post a weekly book review of a self-published book (submitted by the author).  To submit your review, please send it to selfpublishingadvice@gmail.com with a .jpg image of your cover.  Self Publishing Advice will post your review and cover image on our blog.

We look forward to sending you more tips and advice about self-publishing and book promotion in the coming years.  Thanks for reading.

Karl & Kelly

One thought on “Happy Birthday Self Publishing Advice!

  1. Barry – Bestseller lists are determined through a variety of methods, specific to the organization that publishes them, with Amazon being perhaps among the most progressive in terms of reporting actual, real-time book sales. Amazon dynamically generates its bestseller lists based on sales volume of each title it actively retails on an hourly basis. Brent Sampson’s Sell Your Book on Amazon…became a bestseller following its release in March of 2007, breaking the top 30.

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