Happy New Year from Self Publishing Advice!

Wishing all of our self-published friends a happy new year!

Keep on writing!

Karl Schroeder and Kelly Schuknecht

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Self Publishing Advice!

  1. Hi Karl and Kelly:
    I’m involved in a historical project which involves letters home from the front by a U.S. soldier during World War I. In my overall scheme I would like to create a hard-copy book, but in the interim I am publishing the letters on wordpress in “real-time” which has generated some following based on my limited efforts at self-promotion. I heard about self-publishing resources like those offered by Amazon.com but I’m looking for some mentoring and overall advice. If you can do me a favor and stop by my site, take a look around and then give me some ideas I would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!
    Rich Landers

    1. Hi Rich,

      I spent some time on your site today. I can see how you’ve gained a following already even without much promotion. This is great work and would transition well into a book. Blogging can be a great way to actually promote your book before it’s published. Imagine the potential reader base you can access before the first copy is even printed. This is actually something I’ve discussed on our Self-Publishing Advice Blog

      You’re right, finding a self-publisher that can offer advice, guidance and support before during and after publication is important. I also work as a consultant and would be happy to provide some more direction. Feel free to send an email to authorservices@outskirtspress.com

      We look forward to seeing this work published!

      – Karl Schroeder

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