Tuesday Book Review: “Genetics Isn’t Everything”

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genetics isn't everything katherine egan

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Genetics Isn’t Everything

by Katherine S. Egan

ISBN: 9781478790372


Did you know? Environment, diet, and lifestyle, along with daily choices, influence how our genes are expressed. In other words, each decision determines how, when and if certain genes get turned on or not. Just because you have certain ‘inherited’ or genetic traits, or certain diseases seem to run in your family, you’re not destined to get the same illnesses or conditions as your ancestors. A happy and healthy life, while not guaranteed to everyone, is within reach. We have more influence over health and wellness than many believe. This book unveils truths behind the relatively new science of epigenetics by sharing the personal, heart-wrenching stories of 16 women who would not take illness as a lifetime answer. They changed their health and thus their lives with nutrition and self-care, and you, can take your life back too!

Internationally Certified Health Coach Katherine S. Egan, author, states, “I’m on a mission to spread hope and understanding. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and with the proper knowledge, support and guidance, this can be achieved! It’s my life’s purpose to help you believe that within each of us is the answer to better health. Don’t delay. Every life has value and is not supposed to be lived in pain or in diminishing health. The time is now. Reach out! Let me help you discover what this means for you. I’m honored to help you finally find your extra-ordinary!”

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Featured Review

You probably heard before that your genes determine how healthy you will be in life. Katherine Egan disagrees. According to her, Genes Isn’t Everything. She believes that high-quality nourishment and an effective exercise regime will improve your energy metabolism, body composition, glucose tolerance, and cardiovascular disease risk. We have more control over our health than we think.


Genetics Isn't Everything, by Katherine S. Egan Book Review


Genetics implies that our DNA, as we inherited it, can not be changed. Egan introduces us to Epigenetics. This basically means that there is a whole lot that you can change about your genes. Our environment has the ability to change our genetics either positively or negatively. She proves this by telling us the stories of women who cured themselves of a variety of incurable diseases, all from a lifestyle change.


Our generation runs on stress. We eat unhealthy convenience food. We neglect ourselves. This has, unfortunately, become the new normal. However, it is never too late to become proactive. There are people who have decided to go against the grain. They refused to be told by their doctors that there is no hope for them. And they healed themselves. Our bodies are designed to heal itself, but we need to give our bodies what it needs.

Genetics Isn't Everything, by Katherine S. Egan Book Review


Genetics Isn’t Everything shares stories of people that cured themselves with nutrition, self-care, and self-compassion. From thyroid conditions, migraines, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, lupus, depression and weight disorders, there are stories of victory for all of them and more.

Genetics Isn't Everything, by Katherine S. Egan Book Review


I liked that there is a lot of footnotes with the books and website names where the information came from. So you will be able to continue your research quite easily. I also liked the fact that it is a body mind and spirit approach. This book will be available in Spanish soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested!

Genetics Isn’t Everything is the motivation we all need to take better care of ourselves.

– reviewed by Rina on Bookerina Book Reviews

Other Reviews

Inspiring and Powerful!

People say don’t judge a book by its cover but that is exactly what initially captured my attention and the content doesn’t disappoint. I suffered for many years with chronic headaches and I wish I had this book to show me alternative non-toxic ways to deal with my pain. Reading the journeys of these women was so inspiring, powerful and empowering. Katherine shows that good health is not all about food, exercise or even your DNA…it’s about balance, choices and gradual changes to an extraordinary you. I recommend this book to all.

 – reviewed on Amazon by SP

Not getting the answers you need in the medical world? Open up this book!

Great, easy, informative and inspirational read! Katherine shares stories from multiple women who were able to cure themselves using food and positive lifestyle choices. She does a wonderful job of sharing her message of how your genes are not necessarily your destiny. Your diet, environment and lifestyle play a part in the “expression” of those genes. This book will inspire you and guide you on a path to disease free good health! Get your copy today….and buy one for a friend! They’ll thank you!

 – reviewed on Amazon by Lorraine Miano


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