Getting a tax return? Can you be frivolous and responsible with it?

I’m not sure how I pulled it off, but this year I’m actually getting a tax refund for the first time in years!  Now…what to do with it?  My inclination is to do something completely frivolous, but then my common sense takes over and I start thinking about practical and responsible things I should do with this unexpected mini-windfall.  Put it in my retirement account?  Boring.  Payoff my truck?  No fun at all.  Donate it to charity?  Well…maybe part of it.  Invest it in stock?  Yeah, probably not going to happen.  And then it hit me, there is a way to do something “fun” (if not outright frivolous)  with it that can still be considered practical and even responsible.

I pulled out my “dreams” board, (yes, I really have a board of “bucket list” things to do or accomplish), and I searched it thinking creatively of which item on my list I could throw this money at AND knock that item off my list AND possibly get some kind of return on the investment.  I was pretty creative with that “return on investment” as I considered several items on the list – the return could be potentially monetary, could be a sense of accomplishment, a satisfaction in getting an item checked off the list, fulfilling a need for a serious adrenaline rush I’ll obtain from many of the crazier items on the list, improved horsemanship, finally publishing Grandma’s memoir, learning a useful new skill, intellectual stimulation, the list goes on and on.

All of this was going through my head this weekend and while I haven’t made a decision yet on what, exactly, I will do with my refund, when I came across the “publish Grandma’s memoir” item on my list it made me think of many of you following this blog.  The biggest audience of this blog is folks just like me when it comes to that project – a writing and publishing project that has been put on the back burner for years.  Maybe it’s time for me to move that up on my list.  Maybe it’s time for you to do the  same.  And maybe, if you’re getting a refund too, this could be a use for that money that would be fun and practical and bring a huge sense of accomplishment to you.

Taking that first step of selecting a self-publishing company and purchasing a publishing package can certainly be daunting.  And if funding for the project has been an obstacle in getting started, then perhaps using your tax refund is the stimulus you need to get this project off the ground and finally moving forward.

ABOUT JODEE THAYER: With over 25 years of experience in sales and management, Jodee Thayer works as the Director of Author Services for Outskirts Press. The Author Services Department is composed of knowledgeable customer service reps and publishing consultants; together, they all focus on educating authors on the self-publishing process in order to help them publish the book of their dreams. Whether you are a professional looking to take your career to the next level with platform-driven non-fiction or a novelist seeking fame, fortune, and/or personal fulfillment, Jodee Thayer can put you on the right path.

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