Self-published Book Review: “Wine Service for Wait Staff and Wine Lovers”

Wine Service

Wine Service for Wait Staff and Wine Lovers
Rick Jelovsek
ISBN: 9781432762469 $19.95

Congrats Rick, on a second outstanding review of your self-published book!

Forget about Idiot’s or Dummy’s books…this book is all you need for an understanding of wines. The author explains everything from types of wines, how to serve, to when to serve, what to look for, taste for and smell.

I thought I knew a bit about wine but nothing like what I was able to absorb in the short time it took to read this book. This book can easily be read in less than an afternoon or gleaned right before you head out for the evening. The average person is not a sommelier, so general basic knowledge is all you need and you will get it from this book.

I was always concerned about ordering wine at a nice restaurant because the waiters expect me to smell and taste the wine before pouring and I wasn’t sure what exactly I should be doing. Now, because of this book I feel empowered to understand what I am looking for within the wines that are ordered.

The author also fills the reader in on what appear to be little known facts; such as, when a red wine can be served chilled or when a white may not have the right color. These are invaluable to know if you enjoy wine.

Reviewed by Melissa Koltes for RebeccasReads (11/10)

* * *

I have to admit that I knew very little about wine until I reviewed “Wine Service for Wait Staff and Wine Lovers.” I drink wine and know what I like, but I’ve never taken the time to understand it. I thought this book would help me out and, I must say, it didn’t disappoint.

Rick Jelovsek claims “…retail wine stores and grocery stores where wine is sold, 80% of wine is sold to females. Women are more likely to be wine drinkers than men.” I found this interesting because in my experience it seems that my male friends have more knowledge about wine selections than my female friends. However, this is about purchasing, not knowledge.

Jelovsek’s writing is very concise and clear. He explains storing, serving temperature, choosing glassware, bottle and cork observation, pouring, decantation, aeration, and refilling. As well, he covers tasting, grape flavors and aromas, and food pairing.

For me, “Wine Service for Wait Staff and Wine Lovers” gave me a basic understanding. This book is intended for restaurant wait staff, wine industry sales personnel, and, of course, the people like me; wine lovers. This is certainly a book that I will keep for reference and will use it regularly. In fact, it spiked my interest to the point that I’m searching out wine appreciation classes. “Wine Service for Wait Staff and Wine Lovers” by Rick Jelovsek would make a great addition to a wine gift basket.

Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (09/10)
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