Copywriting Services in Self-publishing

More important than copyright registration for many self-publishing authors is professional copywriting assistance. That’s right, a writing service for writers. This is a step to be completed during the pre-production or production phases of your book in preparation for publication and marketing efforts.

The back cover copy and author biography is second only to a dynamic cover when it comes to motivating a reader to buy. Many talented fiction, non-fiction, children’s book authors are wonderfully just that—talented fiction, non-fiction, etc. writers. Writing sales copy is a different skill all together. It is the art of using words to create hype about a product and convince consumers to spend money. The fact is, most authors of any genre are capable of generating decent sales copy, but don’t like the idea of having to justify or brag about their hard work. Sales copy is an important element in getting books in reader’s hands. The good news is with this service, others can do that work for them.

Look for this optional service when researching and partnering with your self-publishing choice. The content should not be entirely out of your control though. Make sure you can submit your book summary and author biography draft to your publisher who will employ its professional staffers to rework it into shiny, packaged sales copy. Do also make sure you have the option to review and approve the final copy (your content control should not be limited to just your manuscript).

You can then continue to use the powerful copy on your webpage, on your book’s back cover, in media, and virtually anywhere you find a productive venue as your book promotion efforts unfold.

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