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Organization is key to getting your writing into a published book, and with that it may be helpful for authors to look at the book publishing process as occurring in 3 chronological phases:

  • Preparation or pre-production
  • Production & Proofing
  • Publication and Marketing

Understanding these phases, creating goals, and researching publishing options best suited to those goals is a valuable practice for authors, especially those heading into the often advantageous aspects of self-publishing. Throughout the second half of this year, Self-publishing Advice will be breaking each of these down, no matter where you are in the process we’ll be devoting time to exploring information and resources helpful from the start of the process all the way through to the sales and marketing push. It will look something like this…

Mondays – Phase I: pre-production
Tuesdays – Guest post
Wednesdays – A look at phase II information: Book Production
Thursdays – Current events
Fridays – Phase 3 information: Publication, Marketing & Sales

Stay tuned

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