Self-publishing and finding your market

Self-publishing books to make money may be, as Seth points out, a lot like hanging out at the singles bar looking to get married. It’s true, you can make money publishing your work, but isn’t it better to write because you love to write, and be proud to share it with people who care?

Of course making money isn’t bad. I’m not going to say making money will solve any problems. I’m confident poverty will not. In considering your long term marketing and sales direction, it may be helpful to know that the output of published titles shot up 87% from 2008 to 2009, according to R.R. Bowker. That means nearly ½ million new titles entered the market in the span of a year. The good news is that online communities, forums, and organizations allow you to find niche markets where you can promote your work to people who care. But do understand this type of marketing involves investment in participation.

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